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ARE Brazil Protein is a Brazilian brand born from the passion for the safe and effective cosmetics. We believe that sustainable and lasting results are those achieved through quality relationship and that’s why we seek to maintain dialogue channels opened with our public customer. 

Our products are the highest expression of our essence. To develop them, we mobilize professionals capable of integrating scientific knowledge to polular knowledge, promoting at the same time the sustai- nable use of Brazil’s rich botanical biodiversity. The results are innovative and safe creations that provide pleasure, beauty and welfare. 


Brazil Protein operates in the beauty industry, specifically with hair treatments. Despite being a Brazilian brand, it operates in the international market and has varieties of products, which meet the need of both: the final consumer with homecare lines, which include shampoo, conditioner, mask and oil, as well as professional line products, which are protein sealant and treatment masks.


Brazil Protein is a Brazilian brand that was born from the passion for natural cosmetics. We believe that sustainable results are achieved through a quality relationship and therefore we seek to maintain channels of open dialogue with our customers. That’s why we aim to be an international reference in high quality hair treatments.


Provide products that take care of beauty, without harming the health of our customers, always prioritizing their satisfaction. Offer sales services with a variety of products that meets the consumer’s need. Provide online support via chat.


Environment: Respect for nature and preservation.

Management: Focus on quality and innovation.

Support: Long-lasting customer relationship.

Well-being: Good relationship with the employee.


In addition to the use of machines with advanced technology that guarantee the quality of manufacturing, we also invest in skilled labor alongside technical and chemical professionals who have evident knowledge in the cosmetics area.


The growth and success of any company must be related to sustainable developmenttothe community and the environment. That is why Brazil Protein is committed in maintaining the strictest standard of pollutant control and water treatment, in addition to not promoting animal testing. Full compliance with current standards and laws, as well as good production practices, promote the production process safely and free of environmental impacts.